Softlink Medical Solution Limited
Softlink Medical Solution Limited is the leading medical application solution provider focusing on comprehensive clinic platform development. Having over 17 years of solid experience, we have gained extensive understanding of clinic management workflow and recognition in the medical community. As a firm believer in customer service and support, Softlink Medical takes extra effort in establishing a strong and reliable customer support team. From planning a new clinic opening to deploying clinic software at your existing practice, all Softlink Medical customers are assured that ample assistance and product training will be provided to ensure a full grasp of daily software operation skills and our team of technical support staff is readily available for on-site support and project implementation.
Our software - ClinicSolution™
•  Comprehensive clinic operating software fits your practice
Provide easy writing of electronic medical note
Convenient attachment of clinic photos, lab reports, PDF file
Professional drug label printout and inventory management
Our Planning Services
Recommend work-flow logic for clinic computer operation
Migration from existing paper patient chart to partial / full electronic record
Conversion of old / existing patient data set to ClinicSolution
Professional network planning and coordination
Training of staff
Our Support, Our Commitment
Our dedicated team supports the Hong Kong Medical Community
Servicing our users, making sure your clinic runs smoothly
Ensuring your long-term practicing needs
Privacy Policy
          Tsui Chi Man (Rap) 徐志文- our ex-staff has been involved in bad debts with financing
          companies and as a result our colleagues and certain clinics have been under threat
          and harassment the past days and weeks.
          We have taken this case to the Police today for their proper handling.
          Apologies for any inconvenience that may have caused due to this standalone
          Softlink Medical Solution Limited
          7 May 2021