• Quick patient record retrieval and convenient new patient registration
• Easy management of in-clinic patient queue and appointment booking
• One click access to patient health data, prescription, billing and document

• Comprehensive electronic medical records and dental treatment notes
• Efficient prescription module with professional drug label printout
• Automatic prescription deduction for tracking inventory
• Robust billing module with insurance account and comprehensive cash report

• Integrate image files to your ClinicSolution electronic patient notes
• Attach digital clinic photos, pdf, Word, scan-in laboratory report
• Handwriting medical chat to supplement medical history
• Integration with medical / dental equipment, endoscopy, DR dental unit

Built-in Data Backup & Gateway Access
• Built-in back-up scheduler for automatic dataset backup to secondary hard disk,
• PC station CD backup for off-site storage and eventual data recovery
• Access your patient data while you are away from the clinic with ClinicSolution™ secured
  gateway function